Migrating to Mastodon

With the eventual downfall of Twitter in the horizon, thanks to the emerald mine douchebag and overall awful person in charge, I will start using my Mastodon account more.

I’m on @qxtal@tech.lgbt. I’ve actually been there for a little while now, but I am now starting to use it more. This will be a slow migration, but eventually I will post more on Mastodon than Twitter, and hopefully break my reliance on the bird app (if that ever happens before the entire place gets burnt down by their Chief Executive Manbaby.)

I’m on the tech.lgbt instance, which is a lovely instance. They’re currently invite-only due to the influx of new Mastodon users, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find a friend or mutual with an account. But fear not, there are many great instances to pick from, and it doesn’t entirely matter which instance you join, as they’re all connected through the Fediverse, although it is a wise idea to join an instance that fits your interests. 🐘💖

Tags: mastodon, twitter, fediverse, decentralization

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